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Site Palette is a system that empowers nontechnical people to build, monitor and maintain great websites!  All a design artist needs is Site Palette to create a feature rich website.  It’s simple, just add design; once your design file is received you’ll have a fully functional website in very short time, usually 3-5 days.   Then you can add and edit as many pages as you like with our easy to use Site Palette Website Editor (a.k.a. Content Management System or CMS).  You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use our editor, if you can compose and send email you can publish a website page with our system.

Site Palette is more than a website framework system, it’s also an array of powerful tools based on our modular philosophy.  This philosophy enables us to quickly and easily integrate complex modules that intertwine with the Site Palette Framework; giving you the competitive edge at a very cost effective price.

Site Palette is a better way to build and maintain a website.  Developing a website from scratch, purchasing software, hiring a developer to install, test it, and maintain is a big and unpredictable expense, not to mention a very time consuming process.  Site Palette is a better way, you can test drive our system to see exactly what you get, you pay a small setup and monthly fee knowing exactly what it costs, you get your website in a very short time, plus free upgrades and free technical support!  Most of all you get peace of mind and happy customers!

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Reseller Program

Designers and Ad Agencies

  • Generous Commissions
  • More Time to Design & Sell
  • Gain the Technical Edge
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Ecommerce System

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Friendly Pop Up Cart
  • One Page Check Out
  • Feature Rich Selling Tools
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Card Customizer

  • Online Stationery Proofing
  • No Fuss Printing
  • Attract More Customers

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