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  • 2/04/13

    Matt & Josh have done a tremendous job in creating a very comprehensive, solid foundation in the development of Site Palette. The modular system at the core of their product is ready for expansion with all kinds of custom additions, which meant that instead of starting from scratch, I was able use valuable resources to build upon their existing structure and take my site in the direction that was most applicable to my product line. They worked quickly and efficiently to create the custom modules that add a level of sophistication to my site and also offers a technological advantage over the competition, in both functionality and user experience. Overall, I am really happy with my site and can’t say enough wonderful things about working with Matt & Josh! They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and have creative minds that work wonders when it comes to problem solving and making your vision come to life. Bravo!

    Kirsten McCallum
    Boxwood Paper Co.
  • 12/11/12

    I just wanted to thank you and your team for such a wonderful product and service. I have been using Site Palette since June 2010 and it has transformed my business in so many ways. Site Palette has given me the ability to update and add content and images to my website whenever I want, easily and efficiently. I love having the freedom and control to update content as needed, on my own, without waiting on a web developer to make those changes for me. Site Palette gives me the ability to add new images to our homepage on a regular basis and advertise current promotions, which keeps the site fresh and interesting for returning visitors and gives me a definite edge over competitors with stale, static websites. The Site Palette platform is so intuitive and easy to use, and I can always count on a quick response from technical support if I ever have any questions. Working with you and your team has been such a positive experience - I can't thank you enough!

    Melanie Severin
    Little Star Greetings
  • 9/26/12

    I have been using Site Palette and the Card Customizer since July 2010.  The Site Palette ecommerce system is an easy to learn program. Digital Fruition’s introductory tutorials and step by step instructions make it easy to upload product, track and update status effortlessly and efficiently.  The Site Palette allows you to keep inventory and manage customization so it is easily maintainable. The Card Customizer provides an edge for small stationery businesses to compete with big box online storefronts.  Giving the consumer opportunity to edit and layout their invitation results in more sales.    The Site Palette allows you to develop your customer database and give and track coupons to all your customers or on an order by order basis. It is a helpful to create loyal customers and reach new customers.   Digital Fruitions customer service is very good. Questions are answered swiftly.  The queue system allows for an efficient way to ask a question or pose a problem and be given a timeframe when work will be or can be finished to your site.   I enjoy working with the team at Digital Fruition and look forward to continuing to grow my internet business with their expertise and evolving/new products.

    Joanna Alberti
  • 8/01/11

    I really enjoyed working with Matt and Josh as I set up They were very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly and timely. Josh is amazing how he immediately works on issues and resolves them within minutes. They are a great team and a valuable business partner!

    Julie Newman
    Jewel Branding & Licensing, Inc. - Little Red Tulip
  • 11/16/07

    Matt is a great resource and service provider for website programming. We have used him many times in the past few years. I have also had the pleasure witnessing design work he has done for many other companies as well and was very impressed.

    Devora Transou
    Retailers Lane & Paper Sassy

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