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Site Palette is more then just a website editor; it’s a powerful framework on which beautiful and feature-rich websites are created. This core system has many standard features that allow a nontechnical person to easily create content, monitor, and maintain a successful website.  All tools are conveniently located in one central password protected administration area.  These tools empower you to control your website, monitor visitor statistics, optimize for more search engine traffic or even add pages and content with the easy to use Website Editor (Content Management System, CMS).  The Website Editor works like most word processors; you don’t need the mind of a computer scientist to use it, just basic word processor skills. 

In minutes you will be able to add text, images and links to the pages of your website.  Edit the text style, font, color, size, position and formatting.  Upload images, then position, re-size, add borders, or even turn the images into a link.  With features like tables, Site Palette makes it easy to format and organize content on your website pages.  All this can be done from any location that has an internet connection.  There is no software to install or maintain.

Site Palette’s framework is designed for flexibility as well.  Integrating tools in typical websites is more complex and more expensive.  Site Palette’s modular framework makes integrating our tools quicker, more efficient and less expensive.  Another benefit is much greater dynamic interaction between the systems, which makes it more powerful, logical and easier to use. 

We strongly believe in total support.  Typically with other companies when you buy a piece of software or have a website built you unfortunately have a limited time for technical support and if want to upgrade you have to pay for it.  Site Palette has a better way: free technical support, free upgrades and free new features for the life of your subscription! 

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Site Palette Editor

Site Palette Website Editor

Content of "News" page easily created using Editor

Live Site

Site Palette Visitor View

"News" page created using content of Editor in left Screen Cap

Advanced Web Statistics

Advanced Web Statistics

Very detailed stats on visitors and other traffic to your site

Search Engine Tools

Easily edit your own SEO website data

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