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Site Palette FAQ

Q:  What is Site Palette?

A:  Site Palette is a system that enables the non technical person to build, monitor and maintain a powerful website! Site Palette's framework allows for quick integration of Site Palette Modules like the Site Palette Ecommerce System, Slide Shows, Card Customizer, Apparel Quoter, Real Estate Listing System and others.

Q:  Do I need technical skills to use Site Palette?

A:  No, we put the power to build, monitor and maintain websites in the hands of the general population. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word you will find our Website Editor just as easy.

Q:  What's included with Site Palette?

A:  Site Palette is a turnkey package of applications tied to a framework, creating a strong foundation for your website.  All that’s needed is design and content.  Think of it like a car without the body design; Site Palette is frame, engine, instruments, wheels, etc... fully functional and ready to go; all you need is add the body style, color and design elements.

Q:  How do I design my website with Site Palette?

A: Our system is flexible to work with both the experienced website designer with coding experience as well as designers who have no coding experience.

If you are website designer who knows CSS you can start with our basic template at the cost of $300. From there you can add CSS code and/or use our Website Editor (CMS) to upload designs and content.

If you are a designer with no coding knowledge then you can email us your website design (psd, jpg, png, gif, ai, etc...) and we will slice it, code it and integrate it into our Site Palette Website Framework System to create a fully functional website in 3-5 days! Next you can add pages and edit the website's content with our easy-to-use Website Editor.

Q:  What is a website template or website frame?

A:  Technically a website template or website frame is the part of the website that keeps the same look as a visitor goes from one page to the next.  We also refer to this as a master navigation template.  Sometimes a website template is used to refer to a website design that is sold multiple times to multiple people, but is usually not a functioning website.  Our pre-made design templates are fully functional websites. 

Q:  How long does it take to set up Site Palette?

A:  Our Template Websites are the quickest way to get a website up, usually in 3-5 days.   If you are having us create a custom designed website the design process can vary depending how much design work you require.   The basic design process takes about 2 weeks to complete, and once you approve the design it will take 3-5 days for us to integrate your design and setup Site Palette. If you are a designer it’s also 3-5 days from the time we receive your design.

Q:  Can I add as many pages as I want to the system?

A:  Yes, you can add as many pages as you want.  You’re only limited to the amount of hard drive space your plan allows.  An example would be, if you have an average of 2 images 100KB in size on each page you could have over 500 pages on our smallest bronze plan at $10 per month!  Your disk usage also depends on other factors like how large your website template design is or how many emails you store.

Q:  How much control do I have over the design of my website?

A:  If you are a non technical person you can design most of the website yourself using our easy-to-use website editor.  If you know Microsoft word or other word processors you can use our editor. 

If you know CSS then you have full control.  Think of it as a clean canvas with Site Palette as an important tool in helping you create your master piece.

Q:  Later if I want to change my design or add new features can I?

A:  Sure, that’s another strength of our system, you can change your design easily and still keep your page and ecommerce content.

Q:  Can you build custom features or functions for me?

A:  Yes, we’ve gone to extra lengths to make it easier to build and integrate custom features and functions to our systems and modules.

Q:  Do I need to install Site Palette on my system?

A:  No, we make your life easier by taking care of all of the software ourselves on our servers with free tech support and free upgrades.  You and your staff can be in different locations and both use Site Palette as long as you both have a web browser and an internet connection.

Q:  Can I use my present hosting provider?

A:  No, Site Palette is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), this enables us to offer faster setup, lower upfront costs, free tech support and free upgrades. 

Imagine paying much less per month for a car, then getting free tune ups and repairs (free tech support), and when the new models come out you’re the first to get it... free (free upgrades), plus you can easily change the body color and style (website design) around when you want.  Site Palette is very economical and versatile!

Q:  Can I cancel anytime?

A:  Yes, there is no long term commitment required, our contracts are on a month to month basis.  This keeps us on our toes!  It’s in our best interest, as well are yours, to continually earn your business!  First please give us a chance to keep you as a customer; but If you still want to cancel your account please send us a 30 day notice via email

Q:  How reliable is your hosting?

A:  We go to great lengths to offer some of the best enterprise class hosting available! Our hosting includes redundant back up systems of routers, uninterrupted power supplies, generators, AC, hard drives (Raid 10), 5 major backbones (Tier 1) to the internet, 24/7/365 on and off location monitoring... all redundant!

Q:  What is your uptime guarantee?

A:  If your website isn’t up 99.9% of the time you get your money back!

Q:  What are the monthly fees?

A:  Monthly fees vary depending on the product.  Site Palette starts at $10 per month, our Ecommerce System starts at $15 per which includes Site Palette, the Card Customizer starts at $35 per month.  Please visit the following links for more info:

Site Palette Pricing

Ecommerce System Pricing

Card Customizer Pricing

Apparel Quoter Pricing

Q:  Can I change plans?

A:  Yes, feel free to change your plans when you want, just send us an email.  Upgrades are effective immediately, downgrades take effect on the 1st of the next month.

Ecommerce System FAQ

Q:  Do I need Site Palette if I just want the Ecommerce System?

A:  Yes, our Ecommerce System is a Module for Site Palette.  The Ecommerce System is designed to quickly and easily plug into your Site Palette website as compared to the standard and more costly custom installation other ecommerce systems require.  Our modular construction saves you money!

Q:  Can I integrate the Site Palette Ecommerce System into my existing website?

A:  Yes, we can cleanly integrate with existing websites for a nominal fee.

Q:  What are my options for receiving payments when orders are placed?

A:  Our recommendation is going with a payment gateway, that way the process is seamless to the customer because the stay on your website through the entire process. This method is whole lot more professional then the other methods that take the customer away from your website.  Integration with one our existing payment gateways is free.  Our existing payment gateways are:, PayPal’s Website Payments Pro, GoEMerchant (FirstAmerican), and USAEpay.  If you want a gateway that is not on our list the fee is only $100.

Q:  Does your Ecommerce System come with an SSL certificate?

A:  Yes, included with Site Palette is use of our shared SSL certificate. When using our shared SSL certificate, your secure URL (web address) will appear as:

We highly recommend that your website has its very own SSL Certificate.  This way your URL (web address) will not change and you have the option of adding the certificate seal on your website.  The cost of your own SSL Certificate is $100/year.

Q:  How do I know when an order is placed?

A:  There are three different ways you can know when a new order is placed.  As soon as an order is placed you will get a email with the order details.  Also when you log into Site Palette you will see the most recent orders on your dashboard, which is the first place you come to when you login.  Finally, when you’re logged in you can click on “website control” in the main top menu, then “store”, then “orders”.  Once your on the “orders” page you can sort your orders list by “date” or even “status” to see orders labeled “new.”

Q:  How much control do I have over attributes in the Ecommerce System?

A:  Our Ecommerce Systems has very robust product choices. Each product can have it’s own choices: check boxes, radio buttons, pull down menus, and text boxes; each one you can associate a retail price & wholesale price (either one time or by product quantity) as well as other attributes.

Q:  How many categories and products can I have?

A:  You can have unlimited categories and unlimited products.

Q:  Is your Ecommerce System Search Engine friendly?

A:  Yes, we build our Ecommerce System from the ground up with an emphasis on Search Engine friendly features. We use current up-to-date technics that other major ecommerce systems built years ago don’t have.

Q:  Does your system have tools to help with search engine rankings?

A:  Yes, Site Palette and our Ecommerce System both have easy-to-use tools for adding meta keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags.  We’ve gone to great lengths to build our systems from the ground up to be very search engine friendly.  We utilize the latest techniques which is a big advantage over other systems.

Card Customizer FAQ

Q:  Can I integrate the Card Customizer into my existing website?

A:  Yes, but it’s less expensive with our system and with our system the Card Customizer has more features.

Q:  Can I use my own fonts and colors?

A:  Yes, when we setup your Card Customizer you email us a list of colors that we add to your system.  After your system is setup you can upload your own fonts using our Site Palette admin.

Q:  Does the Card Customizer have the ability to show suggested text?

A:  Yes, you can add suggested text as well as text styling through Site Palette (your admin).

Q:  Can I have more then one text area on a card?

A:  Yes, as many as you like.

Q:  Am I charged for the proofs?

A:  No, you can have unlimited proofs with all of our plans.

Q:  Where can I see the card the customer customized?

A:  In Site Palette (your admin) in the “order details” window.

Q:  Can I edit the card the customer customized?

A:  Yes, you can see the customization just as the customer customized the card in your admin and edit it and save your changes.

Q:  Can I print directly from the Card Customizer?

A:  Our system enables you to down load a pdf file of the text with the content in the style the customer customized it and in the position on the card as it was set in the Card Customizer. 

Q:  What is the quality or resolution of the print ready file?

A:  It’s vector based so it is as high resolution as you want it to be.

Q:  Can I use odd shaped cards with your Card Customizer?

A:  Yes, the Card Customizer accepts die cut cards of all shapes.

Q:  Can I change the look of the Card Customizer my customers see on my website?

A:  Yes, the price can very greatly, please let us know what you want and we will be happy to give you a custom quote.  This is a great way to brand and set yourself apart.

Q:  Once the customer customizes their card and adds it to the cart can they edit it if they forgot something?

A:  Yes, the customer can just click “edit” by their order in the Shopping Cart and change their customization.  This is standard when the Card Customizer is used with our Site Palette Ecommerce System, with other ecommerce systems this will require custom integration. 

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