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Dissolving Slideshow

Setup Fee: was $375 now $75

Adding this interactive slide show to your home page can help drive sales by putting your most popular products in front of your visitors, grabbing their attention and enabling them to click on the product image for immediate purchase.  You can add and edit your own images in this slide show.  Easy drag and drop the images in the order you want them and link each slide to a specific page, category, product or other website URL.  On the visitor's side of your website, just below the slideshow, are small boxes which make it easy to navigate the slides.  This slideshow replaces the more expensive slideshows that are very popular now and cost much more because they need to be custom made in Flash.  Our slideshow is much less expensive and you can change the slides without having to pay a Flash developer to do it!  We can colorize the navigatin squares to match the color theme of your website.
(Each additional slideshow added to a page during setup $50)
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