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Design Layers Module

Setup Fee: was $600 now $300

With the Design Layers feature your customers can create their own design by choosing different tabs in the Card Customizer tool box that controls each layer on a given design (card for example). Depending on how you set the design in your Card Customizer admin, you customer can choose, for example, a motif or other design layer you create from a popin window showing those designs, then they can change the color, size it or position it. Through the admin you can control what the customer can do with the layers and what they are called, such as: background, edge, border, flourish, etc... You can also create your own libraries of designs that show up as separate tabs of categories in the popin design chooser. This feature has many uses, like allowing your customer to create characters, for instance a bride, then the customer can choose the body type, skin color, head shape, hair style, dress, veil, shoes, etc... it’s up to your imagination how you use this versatile feature.


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